Independent non-executive recruitment

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You will have strong connections with the area served by the ICS that you are applying for.  Personally, you will bring a range of professional expertise as well as community understanding and experience to the work of the Board. You will have local knowledge of health, care, local government landscape and/ or the voluntary sector.

We are passionate about creating inclusive boards that promote and value diversity. We know through experience that the different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative environment that delivers better patient outcomes. 

Each ICS has different needs and ambitions that will influence the numbers of non-executives sought and experience required. Non-executive member recruitment is being driven by the local ICS to reflect local context and requirements. Individual ICS recruitment may therefore be staggered with some roles advertised later than others.

You may apply for more than one role if you meet the local criteria. You must submit individual applications to be considered for each role and we strongly advise that you tailor each application to be competitive.

Please use the links below to find more information about your local ICS opportunities and/or register your interest.