Independent non-executive recruitment

Integrated Care

Integrated Care Systems leadership

Independent chairs, non-executive members and ICS leaders for NHS integrated care systems (ICS) have responsibility for the future of the health and care systems within their region, to improve the health and care of the population covered by each respective system.

Over the last few years they have operated by building ever greater partnership working between the NHS and local authorities – initially as System Transformation Partnerships – engaging with a range of stakeholders to maximise the benefits of collaborative working, shared decision making and effective governance.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of those who have performed these roles, every part of the country was able to be designated as an ICS by April 2021, an ambition set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.

Future plans

The House of Commons recently voted to give the Health and Care Bill a second reading.

The Bill contains a series of measures which would formally establish ICSs and give their governing bodies – including an NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB) for each area – a broader range of responsibilities, empowering them to better join up health and care, improve population health and reduce health inequalities.

While we cannot pre-empt the decisions of Parliament, the Bill receiving a positive vote at Second Reading means there is a degree of confidence that the measures relating to ICSs will become law.

In turn, that means the NHS locally, regionally and nationally has a responsibility to prepare for when those measures are expected to come into effect, which is currently April 2022.

A key element of this preparation is confirming who we would expect to take up senior roles for each NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB).

Process for selecting non-executive members

To support the selection process to appoint non-executive members of the anticipated NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB) NHS England and Improvement have outlined a set of national leadership competencies, roles and responsibilities as well as a desired set of leadership values and behaviours in order to advance the ambitions of the NHS People Plan.

All ICSs will have a robust selection process to appoint non-executive members into each ICS. NHS England and NHS Improvement are supporting local systems to identify diverse candidates.